Mario Maker 2

Intentions: The goal for this stage was to make a speedrunning level focusing on Blinking block, those block appears and disappears on a regular timer making predictable cycle. This level is all about optimization, making almost frame perfect jump to get the perfect cycle. The level is fairly short, so that retrying the level isn’t a chore.

Intentions: The focus on this level was to make something similar to every Mario’s first level. The level is fairly short and the focus is on making the player learn how the game functions but with some twist and extra challenges to please the most veterant player.

Intentions: One of my main intentions for this level was to make a mid game level while also focusing on making an organic level. The platforms and challenges needed to blend into a “realistic” swamp full of Piranha’s plants.

Intentions: For this level I decided to challenge myself and work with objects that i never used. I decided to focus this whole level on Yoshi, making him a key part of the challenges, but still making it possible for players that lose Yoshi during the level. Players who succeed to keep Yoshi for the second part of the level who’ll be rewarded with more tricky platforming challenge!

Intentions: The goal for this level was to make challenges mostly based around Skelerex and using them to swing in lava. Later in developpement i decided to try my best so it could look like a graveyard under Bowser’s castle, where dead Koopas were sent and turned into Skelerex! The most challenging part was to blend narrative into the level design without being too hard or not fun to play.

Intentions: When creating this level, I decided to try to design a level that can be played for both casual player and speedrunners. The challenge was to make a cycle for the enemies that can be used for the speedrunners to gain access to faster but riskier paths, while making fun and still challenging to casual players.

Intentions: For this level i wanted to play around with the low gravity setting. I challenged myself to create new level design obstacles while not using the main mechanic (Jump) from the gameĀ  for the most part!

Intentions: My main goal on this level was to make the player feel like an archeologist! The first will make them walk through a sandstorm, with Monty Moles bursting out of the sand and trying to take the player down. While the second part is more focused on the underground, making them play with Lava Lift over some deep pits.

Intentions: For this level, my main focus was to make a very difficult and long level with few checkpoints. I tried to make my own “Rainbow Road” while giving the player difficult jump and challenging the player’s endurance.

ProjectThe goal was to make a bunch of levels to practice 2D level design. Each level needed to be using different mechanics and themes. Each levels is uploaded and playable!

My role :

  • Level Designer

Engine :

  • Super Mario Maker 2